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The Building American Cities Toolkit™, produced thanks to support from Enterprise Community Partners, helps practitioners think through strategies, identify specific tools to carry out those strategies, and learn about communities elsewhere that have used those tools, to improve the land, buildings, neighborhoods and other areas that make up a city’s built environment.

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Dealing with problem property owners >

Coming up with effective strategies to deal with the owners of privately-owned problem properties, encouraging responsible owners and cracking down on bad apples, is a critical element to preserving, strengthening or revitalizing neighborhoods. Look at code enforcement, working with landlords and investors and dealing with vacant property owners.


Building stronger neighborhoods >

Developing new ways to look at how CDCs, local officials, and other stakeholders can manage neighborhood change is critical in order to bring about sustainable and equitable revitalization. Look at increasing the desirability in housing stock, preserving affordable housing and more.


Reusing vacant properties >

Figuring out the most appropriate reuse for any of the vacant and underutilized buildings and land parcels that are available is a central task for anyone working to plan, redevelop or rebuild cities and neighborhoods. Look at understanding sites and areas, alternative reuse, demolition and more.


Taking control of and managing problem properties >

Creating the systems to manage and acquire problem properties is critical to ensure there is a pathway for reuse. Look at land banking, tax foreclosure, vacant property inventories and more.