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Technical Assistance 


Since our launch in 2010, Community Progress has provided technical assistance and support to more than 250 communities in 30 states. Our skilled staff, advisors, fellows, and consultants have helped communities across the U.S. assess, reform, develop, and/or implement systems and policies to more effectively address the challenges and costs imposed by vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties.


Diverse Experience, Deep Expertise

"Most consultants do not worry so much about local politics. CCP staff were very astute in maneuvering through all levels of politics both inside and outside the organization...They offered the 30,000 foot view that we needed and were in the weeds when we needed help in the minutia. They more than met our expectations because they left no stone unturned in systematically examining the workings of our neighborhood improvement efforts to code enforcement, connections to other agencies, processes and policies."

- Randy Hemann, Assistant City Manager, City of High Point, NC


In varying degrees, vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties exist in all communities. From the Sun Belt to the Rust Belt, our expert team members have worked with metropolitan centers, small cities, suburbs, and rural towns, as well as statewide coalitions, to tailor strategies, reforms, and policies that address that community’s unique challenges of vacancy and abandonment. Our goal is to offer local and state leaders new tools and knowledge, ultimately supporting their efforts to create more inclusive and vibrant neighborhoods for all.


Whether evaluating delinquent tax enforcement systems or information systems, strategizing on code enforcement, assisting with policy development, or supporting the creation and implementation of land banks, we pride ourselves on working closely with partner communities to customize our services to meet local conditions, needs, and priorities.


Two Forms of Technical Assistance


Fee-for-service is the primary way in which we provide high-impact, cutting-edge technical support and assistance to partner communities. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your challenges and needs, and help custom design a focused project that is informed by local conditions, needs, and priorities. Learn more.


Technical Assistance Scholarship Program (TASP)

Typically offered once per year, TASP is a competitive merit scholarship program for select communities that are ready to engage in a forward-thinking technical assistance process to assess, reform, develop, and/or implement systems to address large-scale vacancy and abandonment in their communities. Learn more.