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Reclaiming Vacant Properties Training SessionGeorgia Land Bank Resource ManualCommunity Progress Leadership Institute Session


Community Progress develops interactive tools to equip you with research, data, and practical information on policies and programs that address vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties.


Land Bank US MapLand Bank Information Headquarters

Our one-stop information hub for everything you need to know about land banks and land banking. Current resources include a map of land banks in the United States, and Frequently Asked Questions on land banking.



Land Bank US MapCornerstone Webinar Recordings

View recordings from past Cornerstone webinars, a FREE monthly lunchtime webinar series that equips participants with the building blocks to understand and solve tough challenges related to property vacancy, abandonment, and deterioration.


Building American Cities Toolkit™

Produced thanks to support from Enterprise Community Partners, the Building American Cities Toolkit helps practitioners think through strategies, identify tools, and learn best practices to improve the land, buildings, neighborhoods and other areas that make up a city’s built environment.


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