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Land Banking

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Economic Impacts of Residential Property Abandonment and the Genesee County Land Bank in Flint, Michigan

By Nigel G. Griswold and Patricia E. Norris for Land Policy Institute; 4/2007

This two-year study examines the impact of the pioneering Genesee County Land Bank’s demolition and greening project has had on the property values of neighboring properties.

Land Bank Authorities: A Guide for the Creation and Operation of Local Land Banks

By Frank Alexander for LISC; 4/2005

A primer on the creation, development, and operation of land banks in Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, and Michigan.

Land Banking as Metropolitan Policy

By Frank S. Alexander; 10/2008

This report, published by the Brookings Institute, calls for clearly-defined federal land banking legislation.

Neighborhood Stabilization Land Bank Toolkit

By Community Progress for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; 9/2010

This toolkit provides guidelines and samples of policies and models for partnerships local governments can use to implement land banking authorities within its jurisdiction

Restoring Properties, Rebuilding Communities: Transforming Vacant Properties in Today's America

By Center for Community Progress; 10/2010

Restoring Properties, Rebuilding Communities: Transforming Vacant Properties in Today’s America offers a systemic look at the problem and evaluates actions that can be taken by federal, state and local governments, as well as community organizations, private foundations and real estate developers to stem the tide of increasing vacancy rates and meet the challenges presented by already vacant properties.

Land Banks as a Redevelopment Tool

By Dan Kildee; Fall 2010

Center for Community Progress President Dan Kildee writes how land banks, like the one he founded in Genesee County, Mich., can be used as a tool for redevelopment.

Urban Land Reform Initiative Stabilizes Neighborhoods: Innovator's Focus (video)

By Ash Center for Democractic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government; 1/2009

In this video, Community Progress President Dan Kildee, with the help of actor Sam Waterston, visually showcase the impact land reforms in Flint had on its neighborhoods and citizens.