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Community Progress hosts and partners to provide trainings and other educational events around the country. Here, you’ll find information about our upcoming events, including registration (if applicable), as well as the events of partner organizations.

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June Webinars

Land Banks in America: Today’s Movement and What We’ve Learned

Jun 24, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time 

Since 2010, more than 200 land banks and land banking initiatives have launched across the United States. Interest in the work of these diverse entities continues to grow rapidly. In response, Community Progress has established the National Land Bank Network (NLBN) as a space for land bank leaders from across the nation to connect, share new and innovative tactics, and discuss strategies for addressing the challenges land banks face both in their day-to-day operation and as a tool for advancing equitable development outcomes. As part of its launch, NLBN conducted a nationwide survey of land banks earlier this year. This webinar will provide an opportunity to introduce the new network and share some of the early findings that have emerged from this effort. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to: 
• Learn more about the purpose and early goals of the newly formed network 
• Get a sneak peek at NLBN’s early survey findings
• Hear about the cutting-edge work member organizations are engaged in

Speaker: Brian Larkin – Director of the National Land Bank Network, Center for Community Progress

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Past Cornerstone Webinar Recordings

April 2021: Prioritizing Repair Support for Financially Struggling Property Owners 

Presenter: Payton Heins – Director of Michigan Initiatives, Center for Community Progress



March 2021: Land Banks 101: The Fundamentals of Land Banking and Equitable Development

Presenter: Tarik Abdelazim – Director of National Technical Assistance, Center for Community Progress



September 2020: COVID-19 Recovery – The Future of America’s Communities & Today’s Equity Opportunity  

Presenters: Alan Mallach - Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress; Brandi Mack - Executive Director of Community Engagement, Designing Justice + Designing Spaces; and Christopher Coes - Vice President for Land Use and Development, Smart Growth America 

Moderator: Jovan Hackley - Director of Communications, Center for Community Progress



August 2020: Black Middle Neighborhoods in Legacy Cities: Part 1 – Challenges and Opportunities 

PresentersAlan Mallach - Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress; Nedra Sims Fears - Executive Director of Greater Chatham Initiative



June 2020: Community Leadership: Moving from Grassroots to Scalable Community Change  

Presenters: Liz Kozub – Assistant Director of National Leadership and Education, Center for Community Progress; Tyrell Anderson - President and Founder,  Decay Devils Inc.; Kelly Anoe - Vice President, Legacy Foundation; and Nina Burton - Executive Director,  Woodland  Child Development Center



June 2020: Land Banks, Land Banking Programs, and COVID-19: Strategic Considerations for a Long-Term, Equitable Recovery 

Presenter: Kim Graziani – Vice President and Director of National Technical Assistance, Center for Community Progress



May 2020: Strategic Code Enforcement: A Critical Tool for Supporting COVID-19 Neighborhood Response

Presenter: Matt Kreis – General Counsel, Center for Community Progress



May 2020: Federal Policy Update to COVID-19 

Presenter: Rob Finn – Director of Policy and Research, Center for Community Progress



April 2020: After the COVID-19 Emergency: What’s Next for Middle Neighborhoods? recording and webinar presentation slides

PresenterAlan Mallach – Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress



February 2020: Land Banks 101 The Fundamentals of Land Banking and Equitable Development

PresenterKim Graziani – Vice President and Director of National Technical Assistance



November 2019: Trends in Creative Placemaking on Problem Properties 

Presenters: Liz Kozub - Associate Director of National Leadership and Education, Center for Community Progress; Rachel Engh - Conductor of Curiosity, Metris Arts Consulting; and Linda Steele, ArtUp



October 2019: Bringing Nature to Communities: The Role of Land Conservancies in Addressing Vacant Properties recording and webinar presentation slides (Please note that some of the slides do not appear completely in the recording so be sure to have them in front of you when viewing.)

Presenters: Zachary Branigan, Executive Director, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy; Ted Lind, Director of Community Conservation, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy



August 2019: Myth Busting Shared Equity Homeownership in Weak Market Cities 

Presenters: Beth Sorce – Director of Capacity Building, Grounded Solutions Network and India Walton – Executive Director, F.B. Community Land Trust



July 2019: Strengthening the Middle: Challenges and Strategies for Rebuilding Middle Neighborhoods 

Presenter: Alan Mallach - Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress



June 2019: LISC Safety & Justice – Collaborative Approaches for Safe Places

Presenters: Matt Perkins - Sr. Program Officer, LISC Safety and Justice; Bess Earl - Program Officer, Milwaukee LISC



May 2019: Beyond Clipboards: A Strategic Approach to Code Enforcement

Presenter: Karen Black - Principal, May 8 Consulting, Inc.



April 2019: Planting Refuge Violence Prevention Through Vacant Property Greening

Presenters: Alison Grodzinski, Managing Director - Prevention Research Center of Michigan/Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center, and Michelle Kondo, PhD, Research Social Scientist - USDA Forest Service, Philadelphia Field Station



March 2019: Land Banks and Land Banking 101 

Presenter: Tarik Abdelazim, Associate Director of National Technical Assistance, Center for Community Progress



February 2019: Communities at Risk: Understanding the Challenges Facing Middle Neighborhoods

Presenter: Alan Mallach, Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress


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If you have any questions or topic suggestions for Cornerstone webinars, we want to hear them! Please contact Justin Godard at jgodard@communityprogress.net.


Support from Bank of America makes the Cornerstone webinar series possible.