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Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference - Photo Credit - Tieshka Smith

Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference Training SessionCommunity Progress Leadership Institute- Tamar Shapiro



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Equitable Development: Let’s Be Honest, this Isn’t Easy

November 15, 2018 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST: Click here to register

For far too long, community and economic development didn’t really prioritize equity, racial justice, and inclusion. Even as these important outcomes came to command more attention in the field, development proceeded as usual, with equity or inclusion treated as a procedural step, like a box to tick off on a check-list. Today, things are different. Cross-sector collaborations are meaningfully and honestly grappling with equity and inclusion, an exercise of dialogue and practice that has been challenging, humbling, and fascinating. This is definitely a positive trend, but let’s be honest: it’s not easy.


So what does genuine equitable development look like? What does it even mean? How can practitioners make sure equity and inclusion are not buzzwords tacked on at the end of a project, but core principles that are present from the start and throughout? How are successful cross-sector collaboratives and neighborhood equitable development plans started?


This webinar will feature two profiles in the field that chose to reform programs and practices once equity and inclusion were embraced wholly as both organizational principles and desired project outcomes.


Moderator: Tarik Abdelazim, Associate Director of National Technical Assistance, Center for Community Progress
Presenters: Ginger Rumph, Executive Director, Douglass Community Land Trust and Adam Zaranko, Executive Director, Albany County Land Bank


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