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Proactively Serving Residents, Neighborhoods, and Municipalities  

When events like the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Recession impact the lives of Americans, the need for equity and access to expert strategies for preventing vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties grows exponentially.


While personal and public health remain a top priority, for the leaders who have the capacity to look ahead, the Center for Community Progress COVID-19 Resource Center will provide weekly resources and updates for neighborhoods in need.


If we can help your community or answer additional questions, please email us at info@communityprogress.net.

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A Word From Our CEO

We know that the collaborative spirit of communities, nonprofits, and funders drove innovation to help America reengineer and respond to crises like the Great Recession. But, as we begin to face the long-term impacts of COVID-19, I want to encourage us that this time things can be different. We can be proactive in making our communities even better.  Read More >>


Filling the Gaps: Helping Struggling Property Owners Connect to Rehab and Repair Resources 

Code enforcement will never be successful if communities ignore the realities of their local real estate markets and the circumstances facing residents and business owners. Addressing these realties requires substantial investment of resources to support our most vulnerable property owners. Read More >>


Watch the Replay| Webinars Focused on Preventing Post-COVID-19 Vacancy

While it will take a significant amount of time to fully understand the economic impact from COVID-19, the lessons learned from the 2008 Financial Crisis may provide some insight to help local governments prevent or mitigate the destabilizing community impacts. Watch recordings of past COVID-19 Cornerstone webinars that assisted local governments in advancing strategies and policy framework to support a more equitable and resilient vision for their communities. Watch the Recordings >>

Federal Resources and Updates for Nonprofits

Recent COVID-19 Blog Posts


From the Great Recession to COVID-19: Land Banks are Critical to Long-Term Equitable Recovery 

As America sits on the verge of another unprecedented crisis that is certain to disrupt the places we call home, now is the time to invest in land banks to successfully navigate this public health crisis and its implications on neighborhoods across the country. Read More >>


We Will Need Code Enforcement Now More Than Ever: Three COVID-19 Responses to Protect Neighborhoods 

Code enforcement is not a new tool, nor is it a silver bullet in efforts to stabilize and revitalize communities. However, there is new urgency in deploying a code enforcement system as part of a comprehensive intervention strategy for communities dealing with post-COVID-19 realities. Read More >>


Preventing Post-COVID-19 Vacancy: 6 Interventions Local Governments Should Be Thinking About Now 

We are still many months away from fully understanding the public health and economic fallout from COVID-19. However, history can provide some foresight into how this crisis may impact community stability and what actions local governments could examine now to mitigate these impacts.  Read More >>


Tax Lien Sales are Not a Vital Tool for Recovery; People Are

[S]tate and local government leaders across the country are already being tasked with making incredibly difficult decisions about how to address the economic and fiscal impacts of the pandemic...The decisions made now and in the coming months about how to address these critical gaps will have an impact on generations to come.  Read More >>

Critical COVID-19 Opportunities for Communities Combatting Vacancy

As we all forecast the pathways for recovery, here are four active issues and opportunities we can all speak up to address to ensure communities have a well-supported path to recovery and increased stability. Read More >>