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Conservatorship Handbook: How to use conservatorship to address blighted and abandoned property for Philadelphia's community leaders

April 2013

Published by the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania by contributing authors Rachel Blake, John Caddell, Cynthia Witman Daley, John Kromer, Irene Mclaughlin, and Catherine L Meehan.

The purpose of The Conservatorship Handbook is to help community leaders in Philadelphia make use of a new tool forrestoring neglected properties to productive use and increase their potential to become valued assets in neighborhoodreal estate markets. This tool, created by Pennsylvania Act 135 of 2008, authorizes the use of a new anti-blight strategyknown as conservatorship. (Note: “Act 135” and “conservatorship” are used interchangeably throughout this handbook.) As community leaders become more knowledgeable about the use of conservatorship as a blight elimination strategy,we believe that this tool has the potential to become more widely used in Philadelphia and elsewhere, producingbeneficial outcomes for everyone concerned about eliminating blight and revitalizing communities.


Click here for a pdf copy of the full report.