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"As we set up [a] land bank, we are also working to overhaul the City’s existing anti-blight ordinance and create and refine other tools for addressing problem properties. It was incredibly helpful for the team not only to hear an overview of what exactly a land bank is but also to hear how it works with other systems and tools to address vacant, abandoned, tax-delinquent, and foreclosed properties. "

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Cornerstone Webinars

The Cornerstone Webinar Series is a FREE monthly lunchtime webinar series that equips participants with the building blocks to understand and solve tough challenges related to property vacancy, abandonment, and deterioration. These hour-long webinars offer participants the ability to learn about topics and tools related to revitalization with field experts. Webinars take place from 12:00-1:00pm EDT on the fourth Thursday of each month. Check below for more information on upcoming webinars:


August 2019


Myth Busting: Shared-Equity Homeownership in Weak Market Cities

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET | August 22, 2019 | Register Now

Grounded Solutions Network will discuss the role of shared-equity homeownership models in weak or mixed-market cities and debunk three myths: Aren’t homes already affordable in weak markets? Shouldn’t we be focusing on building household wealth rather than preserving affordability? Aren’t there more urgent community needs to address? Sneak preview: shared-equity homeownership, a model of creating and preserving resale-restricted homeownership opportunities for low-income households, can be an important tool for any city that wants to advance equity and inclusion. This webinar will include an introduction to shared-equity homeownership and how the model can be used to address the unique challenges that weak and mixed-market cities and neighborhoods face. Beth Sorce, Director of Capacity Building at Grounded Solutions Network will lead the discussion and feature lessons learned from working with cities and nonprofit organizations across the country.

Presenters: Beth Sorce – Director of Capacity Building, Grounded Solutions Network and India Walton – Executive Director, F.B. Community Land Trust


Past Cornerstone Webinar Recordings


July 2019: Strengthening the Middle: Challenges and Strategies for Rebuilding Middle Neighborhoods 

Presenters: Alan Mallach - Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress


June 2019: LISC Safety & Justice – Collaborative Approaches for Safe Places

Presenters: Matt Perkins - Sr. Program Officer, LISC Safety and Justice; Bess Earl - Program Officer, Milwaukee LISC

May 2019: Beyond Clipboards: A Strategic Approach to Code Enforcement

Presenter: Karen Black - Principal, May 8 Consulting, Inc.

April 2019: Planting Refuge Violence Prevention Through Vacant Property Greening

Presenters: Alison Grodzinski, Managing Director - Prevention Research Center of Michigan/Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center, and Michelle Kondo, PhD, Research Social Scientist - USDA Forest Service, Philadelphia Field Station

March 2019: Land Banks and Land Banking 101 

Presenter: Tarik Abdelazim, Associate Director of National Technical Assistance, Center for Community Progress

February 2019: Communities at Risk: Understanding the Challenges Facing Middle Neighborhoods

Presenter: Alan Mallach, Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress


If you have any questions or topic suggestions for Cornerstone webinars, we want to hear them! Please contact Justin Godard at jgodard@communityprogress.net.


Support from Bank of America makes the Cornerstone webinar series possible.