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Michigan Initiatives

The state of Michigan, already dealing with significant decline in its economic and population base, was one of the first states to feel the impacts of the national economic downturn and foreclosure crisis. While the nation’s recovery has taken hold, many Michigan towns, cities, and counties continue to face the lasting effects of historic population loss and a weakened housing market, including large-scale vacancy, abandonment, and deterioration.


Driven by the significant needs and rooted in the organization’s deep history in the state, Community Progress instituted a unique, place-based program dedicated to continually serving Michigan communities.


Statewide Work

The Michigan Initiatives staff serve as the leading resource for local and state policies and best practices that address the full cycle of property revitalization. Through our technical assistance work, we help Michigan’s urban and rural communities understand, assess, and reform the systems that impact vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties.

Our Topic Areas of Expertise Include:


-       Neighborhood Housing Markets

-       Strategic Code Enforcement

-       Delinquent Property Tax Reform

-       Vacant Land Management and Reuse

-       Land Banking

-       Strategy Development

-       State Policy


To find out more, or to request fee-for-service technical assistance, please contact Danielle Lewinski, Vice President and Director of Michigan Initiatives, at dlewinski@communityprogress.net.


Sustained City Focus


While the Michigan Initiatives program reaches across the state, through the generous support of our funders, we focus our services and capacity most deeply in two communities, Detroit and Flint. Operating out of offices in both cities, Michigan Initiatives staff proactively support local partners’ work to develop and implement a neighborhood stabilization and physical revitalization agenda.


Our place-based initiatives in Detroit and Flint are designed to create systemic change through policy interventions, the impact of which extends past a single vacant lot, neighborhood, or organization. Work at this scale is imperative to respond to the breadth of Detroit and Flint’s vacant property challenges in an enduring manner.


Learn more about our work in Detroit and Flint.