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Matt Kreis

Counsel for Programs and Administration



Matt is based in Chicago, Illinois and serves as the Counsel for Programs and Administration at the Center for Community Progress. Prior to joining the Center for Community Progress in November 2015, Matt spent more than nine years as an attorney at the City of Chicago’s Department of Law.  


During his time at the City of Chicago, Matt focused on identifying, developing and implementing effective code enforcement tools to combat blight and problem properties.  For example, he facilitated the efforts of multiple City departments to create a mobile, electronic code enforcement tool, which enabled inspectors from the City’s Department of Streets and Sanitation to more quickly and efficiently identify blight and related health and safety violations.  Matt also worked with City and elected officials to craft and propose legislation designed to improve property conditions and efficiency throughout the City, routinely trained inspectors on the proper use of local law in enforcement efforts, and served as an advisor to the Commissioner of the Department of Streets and Sanitation in various matters.  In addition, he was instrumental in the creation and supervision of an in-house group of attorneys and law clerks dedicated to the completion of tens of thousands of annual title reports used to support ownership and due process requirements for the majority of the City’s building and sanitation code enforcement.  Ultimately, it was Matt’s exposure to the neighbors and residents most affected by problem properties that led him to recognize how critical it is for communities to have access to the right tools and strong leaders required to revitalize neighborhoods impacted by vacancy, abandonment and blight.


Before working at the City of Chicago, he was a law clerk for a mid-size Chicago-area firm that represented various municipal entities, including fire protection districts, villages and pension boards. Matt earned his J.D from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and his B.A. from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.