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Where the brave dare not go

Written by on November 2, 2016

Few topics will kill a conversation faster than inviting a discussion of property taxes. At the same time, however, the efficiency and effectiveness of our local governments and school districts tends to be a favorite topic of discussion. The problem – and challenge – is that these two topics are intricately related. On a national…


Tax Day: A look at tax lien sales in Cuyahoga County

Written by on April 15, 2015

It’s that time of year again. The time for digging out your W2’s and crossing your fingers for a big refund. That’s right — we’re talking about Tax Day! Last year, in honor of the day, we put out a crash course on delinquent property tax foreclosure. This year, we’re highlighting a new report from the Vacant and…


In honor of Tax Day: A crash course in Tax Foreclosure Reform 101

Written by on April 15, 2014

In the midst of flurries of W-2s and fingers crossed for refunds, we’re taking the opportunity on this Tax Day to break down a different tax-related challenge: delinquent property tax foreclosure reform. It’s a mouthful, and it can be complex, but tax foreclosure systems have a big impact on the fight to reclaim blighted, vacant…


Tax lien sales are no panacea for local governments

Written by on September 11, 2013

Cross-posted from Next City, this article is part of the 2013 Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference liveblog series. Check out all the in-depth content — even if you weren’t able to join us in Philadelphia from September 9-11, 2013, you’ll feel like you did! Philadelphia Councilmember Bill Green recently floated the idea of selling tax liens to private…