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About Tomorrow…Giving Tuesday

Written by on May 4, 2020

Dear Progress Makers,  Your support matters. While the debates and data continue to evolve around our current public health crisis, there are at least two things we know: First, our households, streets, and world will never be the same. And second, we can’t leave the future of our communities to chance. 


A Word From Our CEO

Written by on April 8, 2020

Dear Fellow Impact Makers, We are in a pivotal moment. Too often in our history, crises like the current COVID-19 pandemic have been followed by profound inaction and avoidable missteps that we only acknowledged and addressed in retrospect. Yet, we know better. We know that the collaborative spirit of communities, nonprofits, and funders drove innovation…


Community Development Is Crucial in This Moment

Written by on April 6, 2020

The pandemic is highlighting the crucial necessity of community developers’ work. Here’s what the field will need to play its part in the recovery.  One month ago, when I began the first draft of this article, the world was drastically different. Well before we became part of this new reality, I felt an urgency to reflect…


A Love Letter to the Next Decade of Community Development (from Shelterforce)  

Written by on April 3, 2020

I’m in love. When you wake up every day knowing that what you do helps improve people’s lives and where they live, it’s one of the best feelings on earth. After witnessing years of hollow promises from political and business leaders who promised to “make communities better,” I get a deep satisfaction from being a…