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What is a land bank?

Irina Zhorov | WESA | July 15, 2014


"According to Frank Alexander, Cofounder of the Center for Community Progress and Emory University law professor, who helped draft Pennsylvania's law, redevelopment authorities may, theoretically, be able to perform the duties of the land bank, but the land bank's narrow focus makes it uniquely equipped to do so efficiently."


States intervene in city fiscal crises

Elaine S. Povich | Pew/Stateline | July 1, 2014


" 'First of all, it's in state's interests to have strong healthy cities,' said Alan Mallach, senior fellow at Center for Community Progress. States gave cities lots of [fiscal] room—some used it wisely and some not. But the states can't simply say point the finger and say to cities 'You misbehaved, it's your problem.' It is the state's problem.' "



Banking on it: Neighborhoods hit by foreclosure look to Cook County Land Bank

Robin Amer | Medill Reports-Chicago | June 10, 2014


"Neighborhoods where the market has stalled but not collapsed entirely are called "tipping communities. Some land bank leadership can help stabilize these communities” and "tip" these places back into full stability."


Detroit's blight removal efforts to take national spotlight

John Gallagher | Detroit Free Press | June 3, 2014


"The sixth national Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference will be in Detroit for the first time in May. Hosted by the Flint-based Center for Community Progress, a national nonprofit, the conference will be held at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center and is expected to draw 700-1,000 people."

Mayors, Foundation Leaders at Legacy Cities Roundtable

PR Newswire | Press Release | May 20, 2014


"The Roundtable on Regenerating Legacy Cities, organized by the Lincoln Institute, the Center for Community Progress, and the Greater Ohio Policy Center, also includes public and private sector practitioners, foundation leaders, and scholars."

City to host sale of back taxes amid concern about vacants

Baltimore Sun | Natalie Sherman | May 5, 2014


"The Center for Community Progress, a think tank focused on the problem of vacant properties, said the situation can contribute to neighborhood decline, citing its survey of tax lien sales in Rochester, N.Y."

The Pro-Development, Anti-Historic Preservationist: How the Business of Saving Buildings Is Changing

Next City | Michael Allen | April 7, 2014


“The reality is that not every property can be preserved and not every property should be demolished,” writes Kim Graziani, vice president of capacity building at the Center for Community Progress."

Inside Flint's First Master Plan Since 1960

Next City | Edward McClelland | February 6, 2014


"When Barbara Griffith-Wilson thinks of Flint’s future, she sees riverside parks, inner-city fishing piers and wide-open green spaces where houses and factories used to sit. A longtime community activist, Griffith-Wilson helped draw up Flint’s new Master Plan, its first since 1960, back when the Michigan city was home to 196,000 people working in half a dozen General Motors factories."

Abandoned Dreams

Milwaukee Magazine | Kurt Chandler | January 22, 2013


“ 'Abandoned properties also have a tremendous effect on the morale of people who live in the neighborhood,” and on the likelihood of people choosing to live there,' says Alan Mallach, a senior fellow with the Center for Community Progress in Washington, D.C."

Foes of Urban Blight Take Aim at Landlords

Wall Street Journal | Kris Maher | January 03, 2014


"A Baltimore woman's five-year campaign to pressure landlords to repair blighted buildings has attracted fans and imitators in other cities, the ire of some property owners, and now for the first time, a pair of lawsuits."