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Detroit-led blight fight may spur demolitions across U.S.


Todd Spangler | Detroit Free Press | December 18, 2015


"'Even if we’re talking half (of the $2 billion) for blight, that’s more or less triple what has been committed so far,' said Alan Mallach, an urban expert and senior fellow at the Center for Community Progress in Washington. 'This is clearly going to be a lot of money for places like Detroit and Cleveland and Toledo and Gary.'”



The threat to Detroits rebound is not crime or the economy, it is the mortgage industry

Anna Clark | Next City | December 7, 2015


"When home sales are artificially low because of the lack of mortgages and fair-value appraisals, 'it can essentially collapse a neighborhood,' she says. I ask her if the impact is disparate enough to echo the redlining of years past. She says, simply, 'I do.'”



Blight Inc.: How our government helps investors profit from neighborhood decay


Brian Eason | Indianapolis Star | November 14, 2015


"He said government tax sales don’t function like normal markets. They’re designed only to collect taxes, not necessarily to seek a fair market price for the property. As long as the taxes come in, the government doesn’t mind giving up the homes for less than they are worth.”


Detroit Future City initiative uniting communities through vacant land revitalization


Russ White | M Live | November 2, 2015


"One of the more tactical tools the implementation office has created is a field guide to redeveloping and repurposing vacant lots in Detroit. Kinkead says the goal is to unite communities and residents by showing them how to beautify and improve their neighborhoods. 'We're taking a lot of our broader land use strategies and open space strategies connected to beautification and innovative systems and tying them into a key document,' he says."


A housing crisis amid tens of thousands of abandoned homes


Gillian B. White | The Atlantic | August 20, 2015


“We have a lot of properties that have been passed down through generations from family member to family member without opening proper succession or legal proceedings to pass title,” says Nicole Heyman, the director of Louisiana initiatives at the Center for Community Progress. “A lot of those properties are languishing because there is no real mechanism by which we can transfer ownership to be able to rehab them.”


How the 'Black Tax' Destroyed African-American Homeownership in Chicago

Kriston Capps | CityLab | June 11, 2015

“'It’s worth noting that harsh tactics like this are not employed by the County when it does its own tax collection,' said Frank Ford, a senior policy advisor for the Thriving Communities Institute, in an interview with Community Progress. 'Tax-lien sales transfer what is essentially a public function to a private, return-driven entity that has neither a duty nor an interest in protecting taxpayers and residents of Cuyahoga County.'”


Baltimore grapples with blight quandary

Scott Calvert | The Wall Street Journal | May 25, 2015


"'Baltimore officials deserve credit for a higher-than-50% success rate on vacant homes sold by the city,' said Frank Alexander, an Emory University law professor who co-founded the Center for Community Progress, a nonprofit that advises local governments on addressing vacant properties."


Experts choose Detroit to talk about vacant land issues

John Gallagher | Detroit Free Press | May 19, 2015


"Some 1,000 experts and activists in urban revitalization will gather in Detroit beginning this morning for the three-day Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference, a leading national event on urban renovation."


Detroit aims to link green with growth

John Gallagher | Detroit Free Press | April 26, 2014


"'Being a green city does not involve grand gestures or anything particularly dramatic but is the sum of a lot of small, incremental actions,' said Alan Mallach, a nationally recognized urban planner with the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Community Progress, who has studied Detroit."


The Battle for New Orleans

Eric Velasco | Politico Magazine | April 16, 2014


"Landrieu’s administration reached its first-term goal to demolish, rehabilitate or clear 10,000 of the city’s 44,000 blighted residential properties when the eradication program was launched in fall 2010."