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Leadership and Education

Community Progress is working to create a systemic and impactful community of practice, populated by well-informed, connected, and collaborative leaders who will develop and implement policies and practices that support transformation of vacant, abandoned, and problem properties. Our national leadership and education initiatives focus on two specific strategies:


  • Mobilizing cross-jurisdiction problem solving and learning, and
  • Encouraging collaboration and coordination among state and local leaders to promote the introduction and enactment of local policies and practices.


Examples of activities include:


  • City-to-city learning exchanges
  • Creating and managing new working groups and partnerships
  • Roundtables
  • Workshops and trainings, and
  • Webinars



Two core programs are the Community Progress Leadership Institute (CPLI) and the Reclaiming Vacant Properties (RVP) conference.


To learn more about opportunities to engage in these Initiatives, please contact Courtney Knox, Director of National Leadership and Education.