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Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference - Photo Credit - Tieshka Smith

Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference Training SessionCommunity Progress Leadership Institute- Tamar Shapiro



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The Empty House Next Door: The State of Vacancy in the U.S.

June 28, 2018 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST | Click here to register

Vacant, abandoned properties create health and safety risks, drag down property values, and destabilize neighborhoods. They are found in central cities, suburbs and rural areas. When there are many vacant properties in a neighborhood, it can be difficult to see the way forward. Tackling these properties, however, is a critical aspect of community and economic development. Drawing on a recently released report, this session will use data and visuals to explore trends in vacancy in recent years, including where the challenge is worsening, with a focus on the growth in particularly distressed “hyper-vacant” areas. Translating data into action, the presentation will explore how different communities are attacking their vacant property challenges, and offer suggestions of how they can be adapted to meet other communities’ needs.

Presenter: Alan Mallach, Senior Fellow, Center for Community Progress


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