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Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference - Photo Credit - Tieshka Smith

Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference Training SessionCommunity Progress Leadership Institute- Tamar Shapiro



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ReClaim Ambassadors: Empowering Residents through Vacant Lot Projects

July 26, 2018 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm EDT | Click here to register  

Drawing from 11 years of experience of working on the ground in the Pittsburgh region, this session will look at a model for engaging communities in the transition of vacant lots from liabilities to assets while at the same time using the process to empower residents. Through Grounded’s ReClaim Ambassadors program, residents receive micro-grants and technical assistance for on-the-ground projects on vacant land. Ambassadors learn a range of topics -- from soil sampling and site analysis, to outreach activities, presentation, budgeting, and volunteer management -- all applied to their own greenspace project. The Reclaim Ambassadors program is 18 months long and includes 10-12 Ambassadors focused on various projects throughout the city. Grounded will walk through the Ambassadors’ established community organizing process that translates community capacity into community action, and help participants understand how to apply the program’s model in their own communities.

Presenter: Evaine Sing, Executive Director, Grounded Strategies


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