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See You in the Big Easy!

Written by on May 24, 2011

As Director of Community Progress’ New Orleans Vacant Properties Initiative, I am particularly thrilled to announce the location of our fourth national Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference in 2012.

It’s New Orleans!

The theme for next year’s conference is “Remaking America for the 21st Century.”

New Orleans, of course, is a perfect setting in which to explore this idea since there is truly no other city in America that so exemplifies meeting the challenges of growth and renewal. This is particularly true since we’ve chosen the Hyatt Regency New Orleans as the location for the conference. The Hyatt will be reopening this fall for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. There will be opportunities to see many of the exciting efforts around the city including how property swaps and redevelopment are creating energy-efficient homes for low- and moderate-income residents, how preservation of historic structures is a backbone of revitalization in New Orleans, how vacant land is being used to create greenways, and much more.

Our New Orleans office, as with our Flint location, provides real-life application and “grounding” for our work.  It’s a wonderful laboratory for all kinds of innovative thinking, populated with great neighbors and leaders who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. This combination of creativity and drive makes my city a uniquely spirited place.

I look forward to having you all join me here!

Nicole Heyman, JD, LLM is the director of Community Progress’ New Orleans Vacant Property Initiative.

Joyce Smith says:
Jan 19, 2012

I breathlessly await this conference, but can only dream of going. Unfortunately, my community group is all volunteers and we do not have the budget to send a member. We are centered in a historically rich, but blighted neighborhood. We inventoried all the abandoned lots and vacant properties in our community and it almost equals occupied properties. We are working with the city to address some of the code violations of unoccupied and tax delinquent properties. Our group could greatly benefit from this conference and it would be a great misfortune if a member could not attend. This conference would provide an empowering knowledge base for our community mission.

Joyce Smith says:
Aug 23, 2012

Belonging to a highly motivated and passionate grassroots group (Viola Street Residents Association) I was unable to afford to attend the Vacant Property conference in New Orleans. Is there anyway I can obtain materials or access information from that conference. Conferernce agenda was a tailor fit for my community needs (East parkside section of Philadelphia). ALso, if there are any upcoming conferences with similar training, please let me know!!
thank you.

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