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America's Legacy Cities: New Directions for the Industrial Heartland

February 2012

Born out of a major conference in Detroit – now the nation’s symbol for cities that defined the nation’s 20th century economy but find themselves in search of a new identity – a new book, Rebuilding America’s Legacy Cities: New Directions for the Industrial Heartland, explores strategies for retooling, reimagining and re-building these cities. Published by the Columbia University-based American Assembly, the book from America’s most notable urbanists is a blueprint for cities, towns and neighborhoods seeking to recast their futures in the changed world economy and adopt policies that encourage the adaptive repurposing of land to make their cities competitive.


Review copies in galley form are currently available through Ashleigh Lawrence-Sanders of the American Assembly; she can be contacted at 212-870-3500 or by email at asl2117@columbia.edu. The American Assembly will also make individual chapters available once galleys have been finalized.